Degree Certificate

A person receives a degree when he/she completes his studies(graduation/post-graduation) from the university. A Degree certificate shows the academic result of the student, the course that a person has opted for, and the number of years for which the course is taken and completed. It is a general document that is used for further study or employment. 

Degree Certificate Attestation

A degree certificate attestation implies that the academic details of the student that are given in the degree are authentic. The degree certificate is attested by the government authority after verifying the information that is written on the degree certificate. Attestation of degree certificate tells that the person has done a certain specialization in his academics and has gained these marks from that particular degree and all the details that are written on the document are correct and genuine.

When does a person require Degree Certificate Attestation?

The value of a degree certificate increases in a foreign country. Once the certificate is attested by the government authority, it shows that the certificate is lawful and accurate. There are numerous purposes when a person needs degree certificate attestation such as:

  1. Planning to go abroad for future studies and apply for a “Student Visa”.
  2. If a person is going for a “Work Visa” to other countries.
  3. When a person is migrating to some other country and applying for a “Permanent Resident Visa”.
  4. A person goes for “Business Purpose” to some foreign country.

Documents Required

There are a few documents required for the attestation of the degree certificate. Make sure that you have the documents at the time of attestation to make the process less time-consuming. These are as follows:

  • Original degree certificate
  • A passport copy, the front and back page of the passport (Supporting Document)

Process of a Degree Certificate Attestation

The process for degree certificate attestation is not straightforward process. As there are multiple steps till the process is accomplished. The process begins with the notary attestation and gets completed at embassy attestation. The detailed process of the degree attestation is given below:

  1. Notary/University Attestation

This is the first step in the verification process for a degree certificate. In this step, a person can get the degree attestation from the notary or the university where the documents have been issued. 

  1. State Government/ Human Resource Development (HRD) Attestation

The degree certificate is categorized under educational documents. It is important that all the educational or academic documents get verified by the HRD (Human Resource Development) or the state where the documents belong or are issued. This is an important step that is done before the attested documents reach the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India. 

Read about state Government attestation in detail.

  1. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Stamp

All the documents that are to be submitted in the foreign country are attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India. The attestation is done by MEA by giving a stamp or a signature on the document/ degree certificate, in this way the government assures the foreign country that the document is legal and all the information that the document implies is true and valid. Once the document is attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) then it can be further sent for embassy attestation.

  1. Embassy Attestation

This step is performed by the country to which the document is attested. After all the above given attestations, the document is passed for embassy attestation so that they can also legalize the document and state that the document is genuine and real.

After completing all the steps, the attestation of the degree certificate is completed and the document is considered lawful and true. Although, the steps of the process may differ as per the state, the country where the documents are to be sent and the type of the educational document. 

To know the simple and quick process of the degree certificate, a person should contact a reliable apostille service that shows them a correct and less time-consuming path.

Steps that are taken for MEA Attestation

  1. All the important documents are to be “collected”.
  2. Now, “choose the type of apostille” that you want.
  3. Get yourself “register” for the apostille
  4. Next, all the educational documents are to be “submitted”.

Time Taken For A Degree Certificate Attestation

The time taken for the attestation of the degree certificate varies due to many reasons such as the type of the document, the country for which you need attestation, and also the state where you are doing the attestation process. Normally, it takes “seven to ten days” to get the attestation done but the time period can exceed due to any uncertainty.

Cost of a Degree Certificate Attestation

For every service, a person has to pay some expenses and in the case of the degree attestation, the cost depends on the state where the process of attestation is going on the number of documents and the type of documents that are getting attested. Several bodies are present for the certificate attestation so the process is a little expensive and also time-consuming. The cost can be reduced if you choose the reliable and genuine apostille service. 

Validity of Degree Certificate Attestation

The validity of the attested degree certificate varies from country to country. The validity of the document varies and depends on the country where the document is to be sent. It is assumed that the validity of the legal document is six months but some countries accept 1-year older documents also as there is no fixed period of validity. 


A person has to give his/her original documents as in this case all degree/certificates are given original and you cannot take a chance of being misplaced when you are thinking to go abroad and apply for a visa. In this case, make sure that the service that you are opting for attestation of degree certificate is not cheap and is authentic as all your future depends on the process. In case of cheap service, your process may not get delayed so choose the safest option.

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