Eurythmy – Anthroposophical Theory Of The Human Body

An all-embracing notion that plays the most crucial part in the life of humans is the existence of art. It is a method to express, adore, and appreciate the presence of something that calms the human mind and soul. An Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, founded one such form of art, which is popularly known as Eurythmy. The word comes from the Greek language, which means beautiful movement and harmonious rhythm. It was an accidental discovery that was a part of Waldorf Education. This art of movement was an essential element of progressive education at the time of the first world war. The Eurythmy art was meant to re-connected the dance moves with the muses, which focuses on the personal expression of the dancer. 

This aesthetical form of art was born when Mr. Steiner taught her daughter, Lory, a flawless dancer,  a series of gestures, postures, and movements to express spoken words. Initially, this form was used to present mystery plays created by Mr.Steiner; as time passed, it became a unique combination of visible speech and visible music. Eurythmy is the form where the artist tries to make the speech visible through gestures using various body parts such as hands, arms, feet, etc. The artist performing this art through spaces, expressing the specific sounds spoken for a verse or a story, is known as the Eurythmist. 

Gestures as a part of Eurythmy dance training provide meaning and a new understanding to enjoy the world. This art form is native to the global world, unifying humans in their expression of movements. This unique form benefits the individual in various ways, which are as follows: – 

  • Used as a Therapy – Eurythmy is used as a therapy to treat children with learning disabilities like dyslexia. Children are treated with unique eurythmic movements which are filled with meanings. It engages the child’s feeling of life, which is represented by a pleasant flow and beautiful rhythms through postures and gestures. 
  • Helps in Transformation – this form helps transform an individual by considering the whole body and spiritual and emotional aspects. It is based on specific archetypal movements and rhythms that correspond with language sounds and brings about a sense of harmony and well-being.
  • Inculcate a Spiritual Essence – the art form helps an individual get in touch with this universe’s spiritual and positive essence. A verse or story is used where the consonants and vowels harmonize, and simultaneously, various body parts move in synchronicity, bringing a balance to the body, soul, and spirit.
  • Helps to Calm oneself – Eurythmy uses rhythmic and life-filled movements that allow an individual to connect to the inner self; this calms the mind and body by bringing peace to the chaotic forces through the thought process. 
  • Brings Positivity – the art form brings positivity to the child’s ongoing development through love for the beauty of language, music, reverence, flexibility, sense of timing, and precision. It includes movements, music, poetry, stories, and a joyful way of performing, enhancing the individual’s creativity.

Thus, Eurythmy as a form of art or eurythmy therapy engages feelings, thinking, and beautifully movements in a well-spoken poem or story. As they say, “the human flesh becomes WORD just as so many years ago the WORD became FLESH.”

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