Mulberry Silk & Wild Silk: Know the Differences

Silk has different types, qualities and is produced differently. Silk is a 100% natural product with some interesting properties and multiple benefits. However, these advantages depend on the silk sheets you use as bedding. You might know about various kinds of silk, but the best ones are Mulberry Silk and wild silk. 

Let us know about the different silk qualities individually and get to know which one is the best. 

Mulberry Silk

Silkworm cocoons have been used for producing silk for a long time. Silkworms have a fantastic quality to produce silk, and for producing Mulberry Silk, special cocoons are bred and fed only Mulberry leaves. Domesticated silkworms, such as the Bombyx Mori that are used for Mulberry Silk production, live a pampered life compared to their wild counterparts. The silkworms are provided with enough food, that is, mulberry leaves, in a protected environment where they are safe. This special care and nurturing results in the best quality of silk which is Mulberry Silk.  

Wild Silk

A wide variety of silkworms are available, but only certain worms are used in the silk production process. The silkworms that produce wild silk are known as wild silkworms, and the silk produced is rougher and more rigid than the domesticated ones. This silk is harvested after the moths have left the cocoons that cut the threads. 

Comparison Between Mulberry Silk and Wild Silk

Mulberry Silk is produced in a controlled environment, whereas wild silk is not produced in an orderly environment. Wild silk is more challenging to process as it is harvested after the silkworms have emerged from the cocoons and the silk is separated into several pieces. Mulberry silk is produced from domesticated silkworms, and their cocoons are harvested earlier to produce single silk strands. 

Wild silk is rough to the touch, and the complicated harvesting process makes it difficult to obtain smooth and long strands from them. Mulberry Silk has soft and smooth touch. Wild silk is not uniform and it affects the fabric texture and appearance whereas Mulberry Silk has a smooth appearance and the fabric is friction-free which is why they are used to make luxury silk bed sheets. 

Benefits of Mulberry Silk 

Mulberry Silk has several unique properties which make it advantageous for your health. The silk hydrates your skin and hair as it has hydrating properties, and it helps to make you look younger and keeps your hair tangle-free and frizz-free. The fabric is hypoallergenic and keeps away allergens such as dust mites, fungi, bacteria and moulds. The silk also has thermoregulating properties that help regulate your body temperature while asleep. Thus, you should switch to silk sheets if you still use cotton sheets for your bedding. 

Best Quality Luxury Silk Bed Sheets

Compared to wild silk, Mulberry Silk is luxurious fabric and provides ample health benefits. When you make a switch to silk sheets, it is important to purchase it from a reliable brand. We have done the research for you and found Mayfairsilk to be manufacturing luxury silk bed sheets. They have won several awards, including the ‘Most Outstanding Bedding Store 2022- London by Business Elite Awards. They use the highest grade of silk, which is the 6A grade in 22 momme, and the fabric is OEKO – Tex Standard 100 Certified, making the silk free from harmful chemicals. A UK based company, their silk has gained popularity and they are now expanding into the Middle East and the USA. From their warehouse in the UK they delivery via courier across 32 countries world wide. 

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