The History Of Kratom Seeds

After only using chemical products for a decade, individuals are finally returning to natural products. Earlier, people did not have access to modern medicines or advanced treatment methods. So, they learned how to use natural compounds and included them daily. That is why they now lead a better quality of life than Millenials and Gen Zers.

The new organic compounds that scientists are discovering are a viable alternative to the chemicals people use nowadays. However, they do not promise instant remedies or claims to treat severe medical conditions. Instead, they have subtle effects and may help maintain hormonal balance in the human body. Also, one can only notice the consequences of consuming the products daily.

While talking about organic compounds, we cannot leave out Kratom. It is the most potent of all and is therefore gaining widespread demand. Unfortunately, several people use Kratom products without much knowledge about Kratom seeds, history, or properties. So, in the article, we will explore more about it.

Place Of Origin

Kratom, also called Mitragyna Speciosa, is a native of Southeast Asia. Its use is also prevalent in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. The residents of these regions include Kratom seeds and their leaves in their daily routine. However, most prefer chewing the leaves directly as they believe it is also suitable for their dental health.

Kratom seeds need mineral-rich soil to grow. Therefore, the soil’s moisture content is crucial for Kratom seeds. The environmental conditions of Myanmar, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea are perfect for the growth of the seeds. The tropical tree grows to a height of 4 to 16 meter high.

Growing Techniques

Unlike other seeds, Kratom seeds are tough to grow. Even though the weather conditions of the tropical regions are suitable for them, farmers still need to keep a check during the whole germination process to ensure that they grow correctly. However, if you take proper care, they will go to good use. The success rate of increasing the best Kratom extracts from fresh seeds is 20%. However, it is significantly lower for dried seeds.

However, if you follow all the steps below correctly, you can quickly grow Kratom from seeds at your home. But, you will have to keep patience as the Kratom seeds may only sprout after some time. Sometimes they can even take more than four weeks to grow fully.

It’ll be best if you take a small or a medium-sized pot. Large pots are not generally suitable for growing Kratom seeds as they require thick soil layers, which is not ideal for the seeds. In addition, it will hinder the air passage within the soil, and thus the seeds won’t grow. So, after you place the seeds in the pot, carefully place a thin layer of soil and make sure that it is always damp. You can also add fertilizers to the earth to increase your chances of growing a healthy Kratom plant.

While growing Kratom seeds at home, you will need to imitate the conditions of Southeast Asia. Therefore, you will have to be very careful with the moisture content of the soil. However, you will also have to see that the earth is dry enough. Also, add a few soil bumpers that will help retain or increase the alkalinity of the soil.

Next, you must ensure that the seeds get proper light exposure. It should receive at least 10 hours of sunlight. You can also provide the seeds to grow light to make the process easier. When planting the seeds, you can place them in a mixture of tropical soil and lightly cover them with plastic wrap. It’ll help create a greenhouse effect by increasing the ambient humidity of the container. But make sure you remove the wrap at least once daily to allow proper air passage and prevent bacteria growth.

Is It Best Suited For Outdoor Farming?

Kratom seeds are best suited for outdoor farming as cultivating them might provide faster results. However, you can also try growing it indoors if you know how to increase your chances of successfully developing Kratom seeds.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Growing Kratom Seeds?

The biggest challenge one faces while growing Kratom seeds is providing enough freshness. Individuals who tried growing it alone said they succeeded only one out of five times. It happened because they either failed to provide the correct moisture or freshness. In addition, they either kept the plastic cover off for a long time or forgot to remove it altogether for a day.

However, one can increase their success rate by following the below steps:

  • Your chance of successfully growing a Kratom tree indoors will increase by 50% if you can get your hands on a small trimmed part from a cultivated plant.
  • It will also be helpful if you purchase Kratom seedlings. They are already sprouted seeds. Purchasing them can take away a lot of your hassle as you won’t have to spend much time figuring out the right conditions.
  • The critical factor in completing the cultivation process is to get suitable soil. Anything other than tropical soil will not be able to provide the seeds with the proper nutrients.

Along with the soil, moisture also plays an important role. You must ensure that you keep the ground dry and dry at any time. It should be damp in all conditions.

Is Growing Kratom Seeds Cost Efficient?

Well, it depends on the availability of Kratom seeds. If you stay near an organic farm, you may quickly get your hands on Kratom seeds or cuttings. However, sourcing the product may be expensive if you live far away. Also, if you purchase the product via a website, there are chances of receiving low-quality seeds, as Kratom seeds are rare. Therefore, manufacturers invest a lot in sourcing the product.

Final Words

The organic market has recently seen a massive surge in demand for Kratom. Some vendors take advantage of the situation and list their products at very high rates. Usually, the price of Kratom products varies between $25 to $45. But few are charging more than $65. Therefore, people are showing interest in growing Kratom plants at home. However, the strategy may sometimes backfire as the total cost of cultivating it might be more than $100. You need to receive good-quality seeds from an online purchase before you receive good-quality seeds.

So, finding a reliable vendor for your Kratom products might be more efficient if you live far away from organic farms.

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